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Ripped & Twisted
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Faith Dumont is a witty, confident, fiery fitness competitor, or so she appears to everyone else. Yet no one knows the horrors that she’s endured and escaped to create this seemingly perfect life. No one knows the battle of self-loathing and deviant urges Faith battles daily.
She keeps her demons under control by her regimented, disciplined lifestyle. Faith has also implemented “rules” into her life, specifically a “no dating” rule. This rule was made to protect her heart. Life in the gym keeps her sane, to an extent, however, just because there is no dating does not mean there is not a bit of kink.
Slade is smoking hot physique competitor who works with Faith in the gym. Not only is Slade a co-worker, he is Faith’s only friend, and a kin of the kink. He has always willingly followed Faith’s conditions… that is until tattooed trainer Ty enters their lives throwing all that Faith has created into a tailspin. When Slade sees Faith falling for Ty’s seduction, he decides to refuse Faith’s rules and introduce her to his.
With her normalcy crumbling around her, Faith is slammed by the carnal and emotional enticement of both men. Can they make their triad of passion work or will Faith’s past come back to decimate any spark of hope for love that she ever had?
Warning: This book is fictional and depicts acts of violence, graphic sex, including BDSM, M/F/M menage circumstances, and oodles of kink. This book is recommended for mature audiences (21 and over) who are not offended by scenarios such as these.
“Mac, do I date?” I shout to Mac across the floor. Mac growls.
Ty yells, “Any idea why she doesn’t, Mac?”
Mac pauses and in his gravelly voice says over his shoulder, “Cuz she’s a smart girl.”
He proceeds to walk into his office and close the door. I lift my arms and point my fingers toward my head, nod and chuckle as I mouth the words smart girl. This is the fourth day of the same conversations. I have to say that Tyler is nothing if not persistent. It is the slow part of the day between lunch and the time when people begin to filter in after work. We are hanging around the front counter. Ty is smirking and shaking his head. He puts his forearms on the counter and leans toward me. I’m in the same position across the counter. His smile is so incredibly sexy.
“Look, I know your ego is hurt, and this is like, what? A challenge? But, come on,” I say.
“Come on, what? I like you. You’re cute. You’re funny, seem nice.”
“That’s just it, bro. You just said it. She seems nice,” Slade laughs as he walks up behind Ty and smacks him on the shoulder. “Give her time, man, give her time.”

JLE is a Cajun girl from Louisiana who now resides in Colorado with a husband and a furry menagerie. While attending college, JLE majored in Biological Sciences, Civil Engineering, English Literature and Respiratory Therapy/Cardiopulmonary Science. Constantly changing interests, she still does not know what she wants to be when she grows up, mainly because she refuses to ever become a stagnant adult. She believes in living life to the absolute fullest.

In JLE’s pursuit of an abundant life of adventure, she has spent time as a burlesque performer, a roller derby referee, a bartender in the French Quarter, writing for a music site in New Orleans, and currently is an amateur fitness competitor. She has a penchant for all things that sparkle, and on a completely different note, is a self-professed food whore. However, one interest has never faltered through the years, daydreaming and penning those warped thoughts to paper. 

Now, you can also enjoy as she reveals all of those deviant fantasies that play in her head daily.

New Release by Elizabeth Reyes

Title: Tangled  (The Moreno Brothers, #5.5)

Author: Elizabeth Reyes

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: December 7, 2014



Just when Romero thought he’d conquered his

anger issues…

Now that Izzy has

earned her credentials to teach at a college level, Romero is doing his best to

be supportive. Even after she informs him she won’t be teaching.

She’ll be assisting a professor—a recently divorced professor

whom she’ll work with side by side.

Isabel loves being

home with her kids, but she’s ready to get back to her career—back to a world

where she can enjoy some in-depth political conversations with someone who

really gets it. The brilliant Political Science professor she’s assigned to assist

seems to be the perfect fit.

But when those conversations get a little personal, Isabel

isn’t sure if she’s just being silly or if the professor is sending insidiously

veiled messages.

Romero’s knack for

picking up on her unease only complicates things, especially because Isabel

also has a big Christmas surprise for him. With suspicions awakened, Romero’s

interpretation of Isabel’s sneakiness stirs that dormant rage he hasn’t had to

deal with in years, and emotions become furiously Tangled.


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✸ Tangled – Excerpt 



excerpt set up: Isabel has been talking to the professor she works side with now and

she just explained how she met her security investigator husband at a wedding.


He smiled, bringing the tip of his reading

glasses to his lips. “I thought maybe you two met by way of his job: something

interesting like he fell in love with the beautiful woman he was supposed to be



Feeling her face flush instantly, she shook her

head too quickly. “No, nothing like that,” she said, swallowing hard.


“I’m sorry if that was inappropriate.” He sat

up. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”


Calling attention to the fact that she was

probably beet red now wasn’t helping. “No, don’t worry. I blush really easily,”

she said, laughing nervously. “It’s a curse and one of the first things my

husband said he’d noticed about me. He’s, uh,” she added, bringing her hand to

her face and touching her warm cheek, “still highly entertained by it,



He stared at her for a moment without saying

anything then smiled. “I can see why.”


Their eyes met for a moment too long, and

without thinking, she began blurting things out: how her former roommate was

dating Romero’s friend at the time and then about meeting him at Alex’s

brother’s wedding shower. She even told him how at first she’d been afraid they

might be too different. “But I guess it’s true what they say about opposites

attracting, because here we are years later, happily married with two kids.”


The moment she said that last part she felt

utterly ridiculous. For some stupid reason, she’d felt it necessary to throw

that in, but he already knew this! Her face began to warm again as the

mortification set in. Did he possibly

pick up on the fact that, for an instant there, she thought he needed to be



Each day there were dozens and dozens of young,

pretty, and very likely single girls who sat in awe of their brilliant and very

attractive professor. He had to know this—had to know that while it went

against school policy to date his students, he still could have his pick of any

single girls on campus.


Why in the world would he need to be reminded that his

assistant was happily married? Just because of his beautiful comment?


Jesus, she was an idiot.


“And they’re probably right,” he said, still

staring at her in that way he always had, but somehow it felt different now.

“It’s probably why my ex-wife and I couldn’t work things out. We were too much alike. Yet my stubborn heart

keeps getting drawn to women like her, women I can talk to for hours on end and

never get bored.” He smiled, and again the moment went on a bit too long, but

mercifully, he continued before she had to think of a response to that—she had

nothing. “My ex-wife is also a professor at a university, only she teaches

Women Studies.”He laughed softly now. “You can imagine the discussions she and

I had. While some of those discussions could often get heated, it’s what I miss

most. Any woman can offer physical pleasure. To me, it’s always been about how

a woman can pleasure my mind.”


For the first time since they’d been sitting

there talking, there was too long of a moment when neither said anything

because she suddenly felt speechless.


✸ About Elizabeth 


USA Today Bestselling Author, Elizabeth Reyes continues to answer

to her calling on a daily basis. Since releasing her debut novel Forever Mine

(Moreno Brothers #1) in 2010 she has now published 9 full length novels total

and fast at work on the next. The excitement her Moreno Brothers, 5th Street,

and Fate series have garnered has far exceeded her wildest dreams. It is with

as much excitement that she’ll continue to put out books related to these

series as well as introduce brand new ones very soon.


In 2014 she will take her next step in the

exciting world of writing and publish her first traditionally published book

with Simon & Schuster/Atria. But she will continue putting out self

published books as well.



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Fear Me








I don’t believe in Fairy-tales and Prince Charming.

I believe in fear.

He taught me how to be afraid.

We first met on a playground during a wonderful summer day. It was the first time he hurt me and it wasn’t the last. For ten years he’s been my tormentor and I’ve been his forbidden. But then he went away and yet I was still afraid.

Now he’s back and wants more than just my tears. You see…he thinks I sent him away so now he wants revenge…and he knows just how to get it.

This book is new adult and contains rough elements. Readers should be 18+.

Fear Me Teaser



B.B. Reid was raised in North Carolina and attended North Carolina State University where she graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration. She also has a military service background in the N.C. National Guard.

Her goal in life was to one day become lawyers for corporate America, but her dream was to write romances and touch the lives of millions of readers.

B.B., also known as Bebe, found her passion for romance when she read her first romance novel by Susan Johnson at a young age and she would sneak into her mother’s closet for books and even sometimes the attic. It soon became a hobby and later an addiction that influenced her life in a positive way.

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Destiny – Clara Fox

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Cover Reveal Don’t Close Your Eyes ( A Bryant Brothers Novel ) by Hilary Storm



unnamed (1)

Release Date: Dec. 8, 2014 Model: Photographer: Designer:



My life ended the day I answered the door and found out James had died. Writing has become my only release and secluding myself from the people who constantly judge me for my way of grieving has made me famous. I’m not ready to love again, in fact it’s not even a thought. Someone needs to tell that to Liam. He’s breaking through all of the walls I’ve worked so hard to create. How can one man be so intriguing? He just gets me, maybe a little too well.


About the Author

Hilary Storm lives with her high school sweetheart and three children in Enid, Oklahoma. She drives her husband crazy talking about book characters everyday like they are real people. She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University with an MBA in Accounting. Her passions include being a mom, writing, reading, photography, music, mocha coffee, and spending time with friends and family. She is the international best selling author of the Rebel Walking Series.

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Yesterday’s Half Truths by Carey Heywood

Yesterday’s Half Truths by Carey Heywood

YHT Cover

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review and for taking part in the release blitz.

I loved this book. Luke is definitely my new book boyfriend and I fell in love with Lindsay. She has gone through some rough times and even though she hides herself away, I know a lot of people can relate to her. I loved how there relationship evolved throughout the story and can not wait for more. This is a great read….. Carey Heywood You’ve done it again <3 !