Split Cover Reveal

Title: Split
Author: Samantha Knight
Cover Reveal: December 16th
Ryder is Salt Lake City’s best detective. She solves every

murder case assigned to her and she does it alone. Until now.  A high profile homicide has the city bringing

in reinforcement in the form of one very sexy and domineering man.

Dominic Weston is always at the top of his game. He is the

full package…he has the money, the looks and he is the best head detective that

has ever graced NYPD. He is assigned a case in Salt Lake City to assist some

lazy, overweight slob in doing his job and solve a murder. What he was not

expecting was Ryder.

Skyler has one job. She works as a call girl at Blaze’s

Vixxxens and being highly requested means she is one expensive piece of

ass.  The clients love her and always

come back for more. But one client, he won’t be coming back, he is the one who

in one night changed her whole life.

Jayden owns Blaze’s Vixxxen’s. The brothel/strip club keeps

his pockets full and his bed occupied. He has to taste everything that walks

through his door. The only one he hasn’t tried is Skyler and he will stop at

nothing to get it.

One day is all it takes to change the courses of these

people’s life forever. When paths are crossed and truths are exposed, what are

people will to do for love? When the split between right and wrong becomes a

dangerous line to cross, what would you do?

About the


 I am 26 years old and a mother to three. I

decided to write as a place to vent and it’s turned into so much more. There isn’t

another word in the human language that I hate more than Good-bye. I rarely, if

ever say it. It’s too permanent. I don’t throw the word LOVE around. If, and

when I say it to someone I mean it, and I will forever no matter what they do

or say to me. I trust to easy and I have a huge heart and that gets me hurt a


I am pushed

to do better by everyone who thinks I will never amount to anything. I have

already proven them wrong and now I am proving it to myself. I live

uncontrollably for the moment and take comfort in spontaneity. Make me laugh

and you’re my friend.

I want to

inspire people and I want to be inspired.

My favorite



destruction comes creation. Beauty will rise from the ashes.”


People, Scott Hildreth


looking and one day completely out of the blue life, will let it, find


-A Week in

Savannah, Samantha Knight


hurting is feeling and feeling is living, and isn’t it good to be alive?”

— Crashed,

Kristy Bromberg

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